The majority of the products we buy and use are created outside of our own country. Most North American companies outsource their manufacturing simply because it’s way cheaper to make stuff outside of our continent — typically in a single centralized production facility. Decentralized production is the exact opposite: using local production facilities interspersed throughout or close to communities. 3D printing could be the next big thing for decentralized manufacturing, with major advancements on the horizon for this tech and loads of untapped potential.

Why should I care?

Decentralized manufacturing fixes many of the glaring issues with centralized manufacturing, and provides a number of…

3D printing isn’t and never really has been that big of a deal in terms of mainstream manufacturing. Most professionals that I’ve talked to have said more or less the same thing — 3D printing is only useful (at least industrially) for ever-changing designs, rapid prototyping, and custom figurine work. While they‘re almost completely right, there is a small manufacturing niche where 3D printing (more specifically FDM/fused deposition modeling printing) fits the bill perfectly. Where 3D printing really shines is small-scale manufacturing runs with ever-changing designs, the need for quick turnaround times, and the need for relatively low-cost production. Being…

I’m too cheap to buy a PC case — so I 3D printed one

PC parts are expensive — really expensive. Even the case will often set you back over $100 and for me, that just doesn’t sit right.. so I decided to 3D print my own. For airflow and aesthetic reasons (plus the fact that my printer is relatively small and unreliable), I decided to make a relatively compact open-air PC chassis using the salvaged parts from an old PC build. …

Basically me getting mad at a documentary for 5 minutes straight

The Social Dilemma has caused quite the stir in suburbs across North America, reminding countless parents to chastise their kids about their social media and technology use… in the middle of a global pandemic. I absolutely despise this documentary. I think it gets few to no valid points across, is hypocritical in many ways, presents no legitimate solution to the “problem” it presents, and serves no purpose other than to scare people about artificial intelligence as a whole. …

A standard FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) Printer

3D Printing never lived up to the hype. In the early to mid 2010s, household 3D printing seemed like it would be the next big thing. Nerds and enthusiasts like me envisioned a future where a significant part of conventional manufacturing became obsolete and people would 3D print anything from their phone case to their kids’ toys. And then… nothing really happened. Nobody was really buying 3D printers except for those same enthusiasts. Around 2014, the industry went into a steep decline. Share prices dropped, layoffs happened, and the hype died. Amara’s law dictates that we tend to overestimate the…


Tesla’s Upcoming Roadster

A lot of people want a Tesla. Like, a LOT of people. Whether they’re environmentally conscious or they just want a cool car, having a Tesla is often more of a dream than a real possibility for many. At the moment, Teslas are still considered high end luxury cars, due to the hefty starting price of US $35,000 for their “cheapest” model, i.e. far too much for the average person to afford. Now more than ever, it’s important to try and bring electric vehicles to the mainstream, make them more accessible and feasible to buy for the average income-earner, and…

Using AI to find missing people & assist in disaster relief

What is The Sar Drone?

SAR (Search-and-rescue) is a new AI powered modification for the DJI Mavic Mini Drone that allows it to do what few drones have done before: rather than using costly, unreliable, and ethically questionable human or canine search and rescue teams, The SAR Drone use Artificial Intelligence to locate missing people and disaster victims.

The SAR Drone


Let’s dive in to the features and technology that make the SAR Drone so useful:

  • The standard high-resolution camera and the additional thermal camera provide clear information and data for the AI to analyze or to…

An introduction to nanotechnology:

Nanobots, nanotech, nanosensors — if these words ring a bell, it’s probably because you’ve heard these popular buzzwords thrown around in sci-fi movies, referring to some kind of minuscule technology. But the prefix “nano” is so much more than just a popular sci-fi cliché. In this article, I’ll be going into depth about today’s nanotechnology revolution and more specifically, the importance of and issues with nanosensors.

The NNI:

NNI- the National Nanotechnology Initiative is a $422 million initiative approved by the US government in 2001. This initiative was meant to show to the US population that nanotechnology was more than just something…

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