Nanosensors — Limitless Possibilities

An introduction to nanotechnology:

The NNI:

A diagram showing the steady increase in funding for the NNI from its genesis in 2001 to the slight decrease from 2011–2015. Source: SpringerLink Intro to Nanotechnology

What exactly are nanosensors?

But why should I care?

An example of a blood vessel where nanosensors could be implemented to help detect any diseases, infections, or other medical issues. Source: Innovation Origins

How do they work?

This image shows a carbon-nanotube sensor, as mentioned above. Source: JWN Energy

How they’re made (Nanofabrication)

A nanofabrication machine utilizing the top-down approach. Source: SciTech Daily

Some of the outstanding issues with nanofabrication:

Improving nanofabrication: